Discover the craft of Trainer Zoological Establishment of Moderator.

During a half-day, come and share the daily life of a healer of the Animal Park of Gramat.

Cost of the day

Reservation only    

  • Adult: 110 € - Duration: about 4 hours
  • Child: 80 € - Duration: 3 hours
Course of the day

You will share the duties of one of three tours
a healer: The Carnivores tour!

It will take you to meet with wolves, foxes, bears, ferrets, birds of prey ...
The animals are mostly fed in the morning, then you will go at 8:30 am at the entrance of the Park farm to pick up the equipment, the vehicle and the food necessary for your business.

You will walk through part of the park, you go back in the pens, respecting of course safety measures, in order to feed, clean (briefly), counting, observe and verify the welfare of residents.

Diet, behavior, identification, reproduction, habitat will be the subjects you could discuss the side of the healer who will accompany you. He will try to best respond to your questions, you will testify from personal experience about the different species found on the manufacture and maintenance of enclosures, capture and handling of animals ...

Your experience will end around 12:30 after which you will be able to rediscover the park but this time as a visitor.