Between Rocamadour and PADIRAC the "ANIMAL PARK of GRAMAT" offers throughout the year, or more than 2 hours walk on 40 hectares of shady Causse in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Quercy. It combines educational and cultural approach while remaining a place for family relaxation.

Gramat The Animal Park is managed by the Association for the Study and Protection of Fauna and Flora of Causse, Association Law 1901, created in 1976.

It opened its doors in 1979, since it highlights this particular natural space.

Throughout the year, come and discover over 150 species of wild and domestic animals in European countries. You can observe wolves, bears, lynx, otters, bison, many deer ... and a conservatory domestic breeds increasingly rare.

This conservatory was established in order to safeguard animal breeds that have existed for centuries but which unfortunately disappear over time.

The Gramat animal park visitors fully inserted in a protected environment. Here the goal is to learn to know, appreciate and protect our own heritage, its fauna and flora.