As part of its educational mission, the Animal Park sets up various thematic workshops (with the support of an Educational Consultant and departmental science technology) programs that meet the elementary and middle school Education.

Today there are 8 in number, adapted to different school cycles (cycles 1, 2 and 3), but we can also design with you a "customized" workshop ", especially for college students.

Sample themes :

Cards by workshops are available for details.

The workshops last for about two hours and uses a portion of the park (depending on the chosen subjects).

After each workshop you'll have time to finish the discovery of the park in all freedom.

As part of the "Schools Project", the Gramat animal park can be a support and a contact for your topics of study, by setting up with you through a program or several days throughout the year.
We can adapt to your requests and propose additional skills for your school project on the site or in the classroom.

Important! Some workshops can not only lead to certain seasons!