Pavo Albus

The white peacock is a rare form of a well-known species, namely the blue peacock. They have the same characteristics. Its white plumage results from a genetic mutation. Long tail feathers are the redeeming feature of male peacocks, enabling them to be fanned out. Comprising about 150 feathers, the male peacock fans out its feathers to impress females.
The first peacocks arrived from India on the Mediterranean coast 4,000 years ago. The peacock is therefore one of the oldest known ornamental birds. In Europe, peacocks have been bred since the 18th century.
The beauty of peacocks, but also the fact that they stay where they reside, make them ideal birds for public parks. A symbol of beauty, wealth, immortality and vanity, peacocks have always had a special place in the animal world. In the wild, peacocks mainly live in the dense Indian jungle. In India, peacocks are sacred and very popular.