Anas bahamensis

This is a solitary duck, living in pairs or small groups. It originates not only in the Bahamas (southeast Florida, north of the Antilles) but also the nearby West Indies and eastern coasts of South America up to southern Brazil.
The two sexes are similar, the overall plumage is hazelnut brown with green stripes; the upper part of the head is brown, the sides, throat and top of the neck are white; the bill is grey-blue with a red patch on both sides; brown eyes; greyish legs.

Between April and June, it nests in humid grasslands, the marshy edges of lakes and along weak-flowing waterways. The nest is built in a hole in the ground by the female and is concealed in the vegetation. The clutch comprises between 7 to 11 eggs and incubation last from 22 to 24 days.