Callonetta leucophrys
The Ringed Teal is one of the most beautiful teals and colourful all year. Breeding is straightforward. It particularly enjoys living in groups.
The Ringed Teal is one of the smallest teals (35 to 41 cm) and one of the most colourful. The plumage of the male is chestnut on the back with reddish-brown scapulars (hence its second name). The sides are grey and the chest salmon pink mottled with regular small black dots. A black band starting from its blue bill ends at its nape forming an incomplete ring at the base of its neck. The legs are pink and both sexes have an iridescent green wing patch. Sexual dimorphism is very marked. The female has dark brown plumage on the upper body and lighted brown streaked with fine white feathers on the lower part. Its head is brownish with various white areas. This species has especially strong claws on their webbing enabling them to easily perch in trees. Its weight varies from 190 and 360 g and its wingspan from 63 to 66 cm.