Chrysolophus Luteus
This is the cousin of the golden pheasant originating in India.
The male is easily recognisable thanks to it colourful plumage acquired around the age of 2. It bears a long golden crest that flops on the nape hence the name "golden". As is often the case with birds, the female has a duller plumage.
They have a life expectancy of about 5 years and measure between 1 metre and 1 metre 15 with a tail between 34 and 79 cm.

From spring, the male vigorously sings to attract a female to its territory. If a female responds, the male will initiate a mating dance: its head feathers stand on end as he stretches as close as possible towards the female, flaunting his ruff. At the same time, he lowers a wing in guise of bowing before his loved one while emitting quite a loud whistling.
The female lays between 5 and 12 eggs, and the chicks hatch after having been incubated for 22 days.