Anas cyanoptera
The male Cinnamon Teal has bright cinnamon breeding plumage on the head and body. The rump, tail and undertail are dark. There is a bright blue patch on the upper surface of the wings with white edges at the back. It is iridescent green under the wings.
The eyes are red. The bill is large and black. The legs and feet are yellowish.

The female is grey brown with a small white area at the base of the dark bill. It has a white-bordered blue mark on the wings, a grey bill and brown eyes.

The male’s non-breeding plumage is similar to the female, but it has red eyes and the front part of the wings is brighter.

The Cinnamon Teal breeds in southern Canada, as far south as central Mexico and eastward to western Nebraska. It is also found in South America.
It spends winters in southern Texas and California, as far south as Central America, as well as in South America.

The female lays 8 to 12 creamy white eggs. The female incubates them for about 21 to 25 days.