Anas formosa

The adult male Baikal Teal has a dark grey bill, brown eyes and grey or yellowish grey feet with dark webbing. The head and neck are vivid cream, black and green. The crown, nape and throat are black. A white line extends from the eye to the throat and separates the pale buff face from the metallic green crescent shape from behind the eyes, down toward the sides of the neck. Another white line separates the black crown from the green crescent, and connects the nape to the throat.

The adult female Baikal Teal has a dark brown crown and nape. The face is buff with darker flecks. There is a round and white mark at the base of the bill. The chin and throat are white with a white strip from the throat to the eye. There is a black line from the eye to the nape that bears a reddish band.

The Baikal Teal likes ponds, marshes, small lakes and rivers in wooded areas and in the tundra. It is found in Siberia (northern and central), south of Lake Baikal and the Sea of Okhotsk. In winter, the Baikal Teal migrates towards India, Burma, eastern China, southern Japan, the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas. 

Reproduction begins in May. The female lays 6 to 9 pale green eggs. Incubation lasts about 24 to 25 days.