8 themes to choose from.
2 hours per theme.
70 euros + entrance ticket/person.
60 euros for 2nd group.
maximum 20 people (2 euros per additional person)
Within the framework of its educational mission, the Animal Park offers a range of themed workshops (with the support of a departmental science and technology academic advisor) that correspond to the National Educational Programme for primary and secondary schools.
There are currently 8, adapted to different academic stages (levels 1, 2 and 3) but we can also tailor a workshop to your requirements, particularly for secondary school pupils.
Factsheets are available for more information.
These workshops last approximately two hours and take place in part of the park (depending on the chosen subjects).
After each workshop you can enjoy discovering the rest of the park at your leisure.
In the case of ‘School Projects’, Gramat Animal Park can be an aid and an intermediary for your areas of study, implementing programmes with you spanning one or several days, throughout the year.
We can adapt to your needs and offer complementary expertise for your school projects either on site or in the classroom.
Certain workshops can only take place in certain seasons!